Why Choose Larnaca?

A Family-Friendly Town with Great Educational Opportunities

As the third biggest town on the island of Cyprus, Larnaca provides all the services and facilities you need to enjoy a pleasant, family-oriented lifestyle.

Larnaca offers various educational opportunities for your kids, including several private English-speaking schools with high standards and great achievement records that thoroughly prepare students for entry into international colleges and universities all over the world. In fact, with one of the highest-ranking schools in Cyprus being a private English school in the heart of the town, living in Larnaca can ensure that your kids receive the best academic preparation possible.

Beyond secondary education, Larnaca also offers students access to British college education through the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) with the college campus located just 15 minutes from the city centre in the town of Pyla. 




Larnaca has formed twinnings with 19 cities around the world including: Tianjin (China), Tarpon Spring (USA), Marrickville (Australia), Venice (Italy), Odessos (Ukraine), Novosibirsk (Russia).


Four out of the12 first-division football teams of Cyprus are located in Larnaca. The town’s basketball team won the 2015 championship of the Cyprus Basketball League. Larnaca also has two teams of indoor football (futsal), as well as two of the best volleyball teams on the island. A tennis club at the town centre accommodates players of all ages and abilities, while various football academies around town hold training programs for kids and teenagers. Water-sports locations along the coast of Larnaca attract windsurfers from around the world, especially in autumn. The bay of Larnaca holds  the Zenovia wreck, one of the best diving locations in the world, and the town has been voted as one of the best places in Europe for skydiving.



Natural Beauty

In addition to its cultural and historical marvels, Larnaca boasts plenty of natural beauty. Four of the town’s beaches have been given the international blue-flag award for the quality of their waters and services. A little further inland, Larnaca’s Salt Lake (Aliki) provides a home for the pink flamingos that visit Cyprus every winter. In just short drive out of town, you can find many picturesque villages that still preserve an older way of life and offer a quiet retreat from the town.

Sights & Monuments

Larnaca residents have the opportunity to visit and enjoy many sights and monuments both inside and outside the town: the byzantine church of Saint Lazarus which dates to 890 CE; the Stavrovouni monastery, built by Saint Helen, the mother of Constantine the Great, in 330 CE and which hosts a fragment of the Holy Cross of Jesus, deposited there by Saint Helen herself. The Hala Sultan Tekke, or mosque of Umm Haram, one of the most sacred Muslim shrines; and the palm tree promenade along Larnaca’s main seafront.



Benefits of Living in Larnaca

Quality of life

Larnaca is a city of warm and welcome people, sunny weather, and a plethora of historical and cultural sites and monuments. Starting from ancient Kition (around 1400 BCE) and continuing all the way through the Byzantine era and beyond, Larnaca ranks as the 16th oldest town in the world. As such, it allows its residents to enjoy all the amenities of a modern European town across a beautiful, rich, historical backdrop. Larnaca also ranks among the highest cities worldwide for safety, making it the perfect place to build a life, raise a family, or spend your holidays.

Health Care

Larnaca has a modern public hospital and many private clinics that provide high quality health services to its residents.


The official currency of Cyprus is the Euro which greatly facilities currency exchange and traveling throughout Europe.


With a Mediterranean climate, or dry summer subtropical, Cyprus gets 326 days of sunshine each year and ranks as the sunniest place in Europe.



Interesting Events & Facts, International Competitions in Larnaca         

Larnaca has housed some important international events and competitions over the recent years, such as the following:

Shooting Shotgun European Championships in 2012

FIVB Beach Volleyball SWATCH Youth World Championship in 2012

FIVB U21 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships 2014

European Universities Beach Volley Championship 2015

Shooting Shotgun World Championships in 2017